The Harvest

Part 1
Scout the Lands
Part 2
Lay Down the Covers
Part 3
Prepare the Tools
Part 4
Beat the Branches
Beating the branches with a long stick is an ancestral technique and has been used on our lands for centuries.
By doing so, the olives fall directly onto the covers underneath.
'Chabbeet' - the name given to the long wooden stick.
Part 5
Hand Harvesting
Hand pickers employ a milking motion to strip the olives.
Part 6
Olives on the Covers
Part 7
Fold the Covers
By folding the covers, the olives gather in the center making it easier to collect and transfer.
Part 8
Transfer to Crates
Part 9
Load the Truck
Crates arrive at the Ma’asara, Arabic for olive press, where the extraction process begins.
Part 10
Rinse the Olives
This removes any stems, leaves, twigs and dirt left with the olives from the harvesting process.
Part 11
Ground the Olives
Two large milestones ground the olives into a paste.
Part 12
Cold Press
The olive paste is spread on fiber discs, then stacked on top of one another. The discs are then placed into a mechanical press, where a hydrolic piston applies pressure, forcing the oil to filter out.
Part 13
Once the oil has settled, the extra virgin olive oil is then bottled, giving us the final Zeit Loulou product.