Our Story

Zeit Loulou 

Harvested by hand once a year, cold pressed and unfiltered using ancestral techniques, Zeit Loulou ignites herbal flavours, with a note of spiciness.

Experience the pure essence of togetherness, where each bottle is a testament to generations of passion and dedication.

Produced in limited batches and 100% organic.


The Village of Darbechtar

Nestled within the lush green hills of the Koura Region in Northern Lebanon at an elevation of 300m above sea level, Darbechtar and its fertile white soil has been harvested for its famous green olives for over ten centuries.

The name Darbechtar is derivative of the Aramaic words, Dar and Ishtar, meaning the House of Astarte. It is believed that the village was the site of an ancient Phoenician shrine for the Goddess of Fertility.